Unlock the true potential of Turbo Frames with TurboBoost Commands 🚀

Want to supercharge your Rails/Hotwire applications? Look no further! You just discovered the ultimate suite of tools that will simplify and accelerate your projects.

Use TurboBoost Commands to build better apps, faster!

Hybrid Solutions

Strict REST semantics for everything can have diminishing returns. TurboBoost Commands give you more flexibility by allowing you to "sprinkle" in remote procedure calls (RPC) when needed, reducing boilerplate and helping you focus on the task at hand.

Isolated Concerns

Developing a clean and maintainable codebase is crucial. TurboBoost Commands help you avoid non-RESTful routes and minimize fat models and controllers. You'll write less code that's more organized, testable, and sustainable.

Seamless Integrations

TurboBoost Commands have been designed to work perfectly with both Rails and Hotwire. They enhance your existing workflow... and you can introduce their game-changing techniques gradually to your current projects with zero risk.

Standard Mechanics

TurboBoost Commands are plain Ruby methods that get invoked by a Rails controller before_action. After they execute their isolated business logic, normal Rails behavior resumes control. It couldn't be simpler.

Conventional Concepts

At a high level, TurboBoost Commands share the same mental model as popular client-side frameworks like React, but moving responsiblities to the server vastly reduces the complexity of triggering events, changing state, and re-rendering.

Reliable Protocols

TurboBoost Commands use standard HTTP, so the tools you use for monitoring and optimizing normal web requests will also work for your reactive features... helping you build performant, reliable, and great user experiences.